Cure versionitis and automate your IMF and ABR workflows

The first fully automated system for creating IMF content

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Key features

What can Compose do for you.

Fully Automated IMF generation

Compose IMF - the only solution on the market that allows you to fully automate the creation of IMF, patent pending. Compose IMF generates the IMF folder and all of the required CPLs. Our seam detection also avoids clipping human speach, ensuring there are not unexpected effects to the audio. Initial calculations show an 80% reduction in file size using IMF versus traditional versions

Self Validating

Compose IMF will also create the final output from each CPL version and use our Match technology to ensure the output is 100% identical to the original input.

Compose ABR - CDN content optimisation

Compose ABR identifies each chunk of an HLS or DASH manifest/playlist and ensures that only unique content is added to the CDN. The manifest/playlist is then automatically rewritten to use the existing chunks. This saves up to 80% of CDN storage without any need for downstream changes as the manifest/playlist remains the same format.

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