Store only what you need and understand your content

Using our environmentally friendly fingerprinting technology, Match lets you quickly deduplicate and annotate your content library, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

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Key features

What Match can do for you.

Flatline your storage needs for the next 3 years

Match ensures you only store one unique copy of each asset by using its incredibly accurate perceptual fingerprinting technology to find duplicate media regardless of format, codec or resolution. Match idenities the unique versions at the best quality to keep, allowing you to delete the duplicates with confidence.

Comparison UI

Our Comparison UI tool allows you to compare two assets for differences with milisecond accuracy. As with everything we do, you can either use this in the Ad Signal UI or via our API in your product of choice (DAM/MAM/Editor).

Reduce AI Cost & Carbon

Match deduplicates content sent to Ai. We then send only unique content to AI for tagging and apply the data to everywhere the unique image or audio appears. Match's fingerprinting tells us that nothing material has changed and sends a single image to the AI services of your choice, then applies the data back to everywhere the image appears across all assets. This saves our clients an average of 75% of the cost and carbon of Ai.

Increase AI Granularity

Don't miss a millisecond. Because we extract every frame and every milisecond of audio you can be sure nothing has been missed, which is especially important for content moderation, whilst reducing your costs compared to the standard approach.

Save on Storage

Match can find duplicate frames and audio across your entire media catalogue, allowing you to find and keep only the very best footage.

Match can detect duplicates across formats, resolutions and more, allowing duplicate detection that far outstrips storage level de-duplication, allowing you to save money, carbon and time.

Up to 60%

reduction in storage costs associated with large content libraries
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Reduce AI Cost

Using the Match de-duplication technology allows significant savings when using AI. By locating and grouping only the frames that change, Match ensures only unique frames are sent to AI.

Match also makes AI more accurate, analyzing every frame and ensuring that objects in fast-moving shots aren't missed out; essential when checking content appropriateness


Reduction in AI costs
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Minimize environmental impact

Match reduces your storage footprint, significantly reducing the carbon impact of powering massive storage arrays.

AI also requires enormous energy inputs. Reducing the amount of material passed through AI Match helps you meet your climate goals

Up to 60%

decrease in Carbon impact
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