Create a genealogy of your content. Never lose another frame.

further expanding on the uses of our fingerprinting technology, Harmonise can improve edit workflows, ensuring you always know where every shot came from

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Key features

What can Harmonize do for you.

Understand your content relationship

Harmonise builds a relationship between every millisecond of content so you know where it came from and where else it’s used

Effortless Rights management

Ensure you have the correct rights for everything in your content by linking a shot back to its original with the rights attached

Never lose another shot

Finding the shot you need becomes trivial, and can be traced all the way back to the original filmed content

API first

Store the resulting harmonise data within your DAM/MAM or editing suite

Never lose another Frame

Harmonise creates a content hierarchy that can show you the origin of every shot, helping you quickly find the raw content you need for your edit

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Effortless rights management

Track the rights on your raw content and Harmonise will ensure you remain compliant in every different edit

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